10 Minute Solution – Nintendo Wii Review

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10 Minute Solution is a great line of home fitness DVDs.  They offer high impact and quick mini sessions for those with very limited schedules.  And the mini sessions are highly targeted.  For the days when you have more time then the entire workout could be used for a nice long intense session.  This time, 10 Minute Solution took it one step further with an interactive title for the Wii.

10 Minute Solution Nintendo

How Does 10 Minute Solution Work?

The Wii iteration follows in the same vain as the home fitness DVDs.  The title contains multiple 10 minute workouts that are highly targeted.  Each workout is small enough that it is easily worked into a tight schedule or can be combined for a nice, lengthier routine.

This version takes it one step further though with extra interactivity.  The motion capture controls for the Wii track the players movements and reps.  Correction is given when needed.  A small fitness journal with the users progress is recorded.  And the different 10 minute segments can be mixed and matched in what ever order the player would like.

What Are Others Saying?

The DVD series of the same name has a bit of a following and is often well received.  The Wii title, not so much.  As with most Wii games, the controls left something to be desired.  Michelle and many others had a very hard time getting the controls to register properly leaving for a frustrating experience.

Then there was the flow of the workout.  Gwinn found the music to be very poor and the routines to be very slow.  She wasn’t the only person that had this issue.  Multiple other users thought the workout routines were a little to easy.

A common complaint I found was the requirement to complete the training before using the rest of the disc.  There is no way around it.  Some found this frustrating in itself.  These users wanted to jump right in to working out.  Others had a very hard time completing the training because of the motion tracking, almost rendering the game useless.

There were some that did like the game.  Jen thought the game was good despite the limited variety.  And others did break a bit of a sweat.  A few people liked the quick sessions, just like the DVDs offering.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

10 Minute Solution doesn’t provide a huge workout for those that are physically fit.  It will help burn calories and get a person off the couch, but won’t do much after that.  A person in  moderately fit shape won’t see a large weight loss or breaking plateaus with this title.  A beginner will see the biggest benefit and will be a nice transition back into the fitness world.  A slow and steady weight loss of a pound a week or so can be expected when combined with a proper diet.


Like any other routine, I highly suggest consulting a doctor before starting this.  Some of the various moves can be a little high impact and those with poor joints should use caution.

Pros And Cons


  • Same familiar set up as DVD
  • Easy to fit into schedule
  • Easy to use tracking journal


  • Controls don’t track well
  • Training must be completed
  • Limited variety

Problems And Complaints

Like most other Wii fitness games, my first issue is the tracking.  Fitness games on the Wii have a hard time tracking the controls.  Some are worse then others.  Some aren’t that bad.  This title leans a little more to the “worse then others” category.  It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s not the mediocre I’ve seen either.

I also don’t enjoy the fact that the player must complete the training session before using the rest of the disc.  Extra time is required to do this in a game that is centered around lack of time.  It’s a bit of an oxymoron.  And completing the training can be frustrating.  Exercise routine errors can be ignored if the controls don’t track.  The training routine can’t.  It has to be completed to even start using the game.

How Does 10 Minute Solution Work Overall?

This game would be closer to the bottom of my recommendation list for Wii fitness titles and even further down the overall list.  The training requirement and the motion controls are my largest issues here.  If the game is to frustrating to use then people won’t use it, negating any potential exercise and weight loss that could be done with it.  And the routines are a little soft too.  If you are looking for an interactive Wii fitness title, there are better options.

Where Can I Purchase This Product?

If this product sounds like it may be of interest to you then I suggest making the purchase at Amazon.  It’s currently on sale at a discounted price (like Nutrisystem).  To maximize this DVD you may want a pair of wrist and ankle weights.