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Pordimura KawasakiWe are a second generation of Japanese Americans living currently in Athens, Greece. We love Japan and specifically the region of Tohoku, which we consider home. The Tohoku area is stunning and we are proud we have lived there.

The birth of my daughter Yiatabaza 2 years ago completely changed my life. I took the leap of faith and left my job as a real estate agent to become a stay at home mom.

Although I have enjoyed every single moment raising my child, I can’t deny the fact that our family income stream was cut down to 50% due to me not working any more. This is why soon after I quit my job my husband Sugamotosoi and I made a decision to be smarter with our money. As a result we started looking for ways to save on our expenses.

When it comes to saving on ordinary family and business expenses, everyone thinks of coupons. Like many of us, a few years ago, I didn’t use coupons very often either because I didn’t know where to find them or I just never expected I would save a significant amount of money. How wrong I was!

I started this blog with one intention in my mind:

I want to keep a record of some of the products my husband and I buy at a discount using coupon codes we find in various sites. Gamoto (my husband’s nick name) is a e-cigarette smoker. I am a Weight Watchers member.  Our daughter Yiatabaza is addicted to 6pm.com clothing and shoes from Shoebuy! We all buy our favorite products much less than they actually cost, thanks to special discount codes we dig out of the Internet.

These discounts we want to share with you!

Pordimura (天照) – Sugamotosoi (國男)

Email: admin(at)visitjapan-tohoku(dot)org or visitjapan@outlook.com