Cory’s Weight Loss Story with Nutrisystem

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No one testifies about the effectiveness of Nutrisystem better than Corry Goodrich. This 48-year-old mother from Carol Stream, IL, was able to reduce her weight from 172 pounds to a comfortable 132 pounds. Initially, Cory would suffer from inferiority complex due to her weight. She would feel so low, fat and unattractive. The worst moment for her was when she had to take pictures with the family. She never wanted a permanent record of how heavy she was and for this reason she avoided all photos. She was so disappointed about her life. Amidst all these, she took action.

The Weight Loss journey

Cory_Nutrisystem_success_storyThe first action Cory took was reading weight loss books, trying out some new diets and using weight watchers. Unfortunately, she could not sustain these systems and programs. She ended up quitting severally until she opted for Nutrisystem. With this system came a lifestyle change that made her quit junk and opt for vegetables and lean proteins.

Cory also began routine workouts such as walking, running, lifting weights, sit ups and doing pushups. In general, it was all about exercises and a healthy diet.

Today, Cory feels younger, healthier and more energized with boundless energy to perform. Additionally, she feels sexier and whenever she checks herself in the mirror, she feels so proud of herself.

For Cory, life was so miserable when she weighed 172 pounds. With insults from her co-workers and friends, she was not able to defend herself in public. Nutrisystem was an option that Cory resolved to and ended up working to her advantage. Even though she admits that the system demands a lot of hard work, it will definitely work if one perseveres and adopts a positive attitude towards it.

The best part of it all is that overcoming the challenge gives a desirable feeling of wholesomeness.

Like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers is also a program worth looking at.