Okama Lake – The 5 Color Lake

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Okama Lake

Okama Lake

Being the top tourist attraction spot of Zao from spring to automn, the Okama Lake is formed within a volcano crater.  It is surrounded by three peaks: Kattadake, Goshikidake and Kumanodake.

The active volcano is situated in the most prominent mountain of the Tohoku region, Mount Zao. The shape of the lake, resembling a Japanese traditional cooking pot, has given it its name: Okama (御釜). The lake 18m deep and 360m wide. It has a circumference of 1000m.

You can’t go to the lake by car, but you can drive along the Zao Echo Line until you reach the parking lot just below the Kattadake peak. You can then walk down to the lake.

The lake has a beautiful emerald green color that changes depending on the sunlight. This is why it is also called “The Five Color Lake”.

Can you swim in the lake? No! It’s very acidic and it will dissolve your flesh!